Welcome to DonkeyPays affiliate program for male enhancement products found on We are one of the last straight up programs! No bells, no weird stats tracking, no silly gimmick payouts, and no shaving. “Back to basics” means delivering a quality service and experience to the consumer and making it as profitable as possible for the affiliates that promote us. You can trust us to respect your traffic and not take advantage of them.

We are straight to the bone “old school,” mixed with hard work. DonkeyPays uses Konnektive (CRM) and Hasoffers as our affiliate backend. We offer high quality male enhancement products made in the USA plus we will deliver the best quality possible to your clients. We would very much like to have you on board as an affiliate! Read more below to see how you can make more with us than other programs.

Founders of DonkeyMale and DonkeyPays have a solid reputation for conducting honest and legitimate business since 2011. The Modus Operandi of DonkeyPays is based on manufacturing the strongest and safest quality products. We do not use any hidden or illegal ingredients in any of our products.

Donkey has specialized it’s ingredients since 2011 and by responding each year to our customers feedback, we have improved the formula. DonkeyMale and DonkeyPays puts you, the affiliate, that much closer to a source whose production has made webmasters millions of dollars over the years.

Tired of male performance programs you sign up for and never hear from, or get any support? Our program is set out to provide the best in real affiliate relations. We are stationed in North America, and will provide answers and assistance plus consultation in a timely manner.

Graduated Webmaster 100$USD PPS Program

Elite webmasters earn up to 40$USD on the first sale, 40$USD on 2nd sale then 20$USD on the 3rd sale if they purchase over $64.00USD. Orders under $64.00USD will be subject to 30% commissions.

This truly is an opportunity that is stable, safe, and preferred by customers who are concerned about the variety of “fake” or “ineffective” male performance products on the market which can cause an array of unwanted side effects. The DonkeyMale team with their years of experience are here to assist reaching your financial goals and success in a professional atmosphere.

For those webmasters selling just the DonkeyMale Performance 2 Pill Package you will make 30% on each package sold.

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