• What is an affiliate program?
    An affiliate program is a structure that enables webmasters promoting our sites to earn a commission or pay per sale for the sales they refer to
  • How much does DonkeyPays pay? pays up to 100$ per customer over a period of their purchases over 64$. 40$ to webmaster on first sale over 64$ then 40$ and 2nd purchase over 64$ then again 20$ on the same customers 3rd purchase over 64$. Any purchase under 64$ will result in a 30% commission structure. 10% on webmaster referrals.
  • Do I have to create multiple accounts to promote every program?
    No, you can post links under one affiliate account. You can also use different campaigns to track specific types of information.
  • What payout options do I have?
    We offer payment via check in whatever currency you initially request paid after you meet an amount of $300 before check is issued, (see How else can I be paid)
  • Do I need a site URL to apply to ?
    Yes, we require a valid site URL. Please contact us if you focus on other promotional methods
  • When do you send out payments?
    Payments are sent out on the 16th of each month for the pay period covering the 1st to 15th of that month, and on the 1st of the month for the pay period covering the 16th to 30th/31st of the previous month.
  • How else can I be paid?
    DonkeyPays also pays webmasters by Wire or by check in the currency you first signed up to receive. Webmasters that would like to be paid by wire must meet an amount of $300 before a wire is issued. Once your account has been switched to pay by wire, we will hold all funds until the $300 mark is met then send the wire.

    Affiliates who would like to be paid by Check will be paid on the same schedule as checks. If you would like to be paid by wire or check, PayPal simply submit your request to be switched off check payment through the Contact Us page.

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