• “A buddy at worked had mentioned “Donkey” was his new secret trick with his girlfriend, and she gave him the look of the Gods! – So I had to find this stuff, and when I did – I now know, what he meant about getting the look of a God- funny but true.”

    Brian B., Valrico Fl.
  • “I was leery on a spontaneous buy (Donkey Male Performance) to improve my love life for a exclusive night with my special girl, but was I every so surprised on how this product really worked! I would recommend this product again- no problem”- THUMBS UP!

    Shawn F., New Orleans La.
  • “There is so many dangerous products on the market, and I was looking for a safe alternative, to all the expensive and not so safe products. So when i found this product (Donkey), I was relieved to see that it was safe- “Then it worked, just the way I wanted it to!” I was ready, when I needed to be” OLE’! The old guy

    Dennis G., St.Louis Mi

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